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All the activities are optional, you will still get plenty out of your theme without them. If one of them doesn’t float your boat that’s totally okay – you can skip anything you don’t like the sound of.

Keep sharing your experiences with your theme throughout the year on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #shiftyourexperience 


Idea #1 – Find a Theme Buddy

How it all began…

This year I did something different with my theme. When my friend (and fellow coach) Katarzyna shared her theme I loved what she said so much I wanted to see how it unfolded for her! We decided to support each other through the year by catching up over Skype every month or two (as well as sending plenty of FB messages in between). We talked about how our theme was showing up in our lives, the bits that weren’t so easy and the things we were really enjoying!

And we’ve had such a brilliant time we decided to do it all over again in 2018! Themes are awesome as they are, but it turns out sharing that journey with someone else is even more fun!

Some ideas of how to find a theme buddy:

  • If you have a friend who is up for setting a theme send them this link to sign up so they can get started straight away –
  • Once you’ve picked your theme search the hashtag #shiftyourexperience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see who else is participating and if someone’s theme jumps out at you ask them if they fancy partnering up (if you do this before New Year and don’t find anyone try again in the first week of January to see who else has got involved).
  • If you’re a member of a FB group post in there to see if anyone else is interested in setting a theme and fancies buddying up. You can share the link with anyone who is up for it.

If you have any other ideas of how to find a Theme Buddy I’d love to hear them over on The Unicorn Factory Facebook page!


Idea #2 –  January 2018 – Your Theme Totem 

Even though it’s just one word, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day madness of life and forget your intention for the year. There are ways you can make sure it shows up in your everyday life in ways to bring it back to mind without any effort. I call these my theme totems.

Theme Totems can be anything but here are some examples:

  • Change one or more of the passwords you use on a daily basis to incorporate your theme word.
  • Have an item on your bedside table that you connect with your theme word (last year I ended up getting myself a little blue agate horse)
  • Put something on your mirror to remind you
  • Wear a piece of jewellery you associate with your theme word
  • If you use a planner write your theme word at the top of the page for the week/month
  • Have something in your working area that reminds you e.g. a mug, coaster etc.
  • Get a case for your phone that is associated with your theme word

The list is endless! I’d LOVE to see what you decide to use as a totem for your theme so post them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #shiftyourexperience (and you can tag me @helenthornber in the posts too).


Idea #3 – February 2018 – Monthly Mini-Themes

We often set ourselves intentions or goals for the week or month ahead. I’ve started doing it at the new moon, using the lunar cycle (great for breaking some of the associations with start and end of the calendar month… it’s lovely getting to the 31st January and realising I am only half way through the cycle of my current intention!)

What I haven’t done until now is explicitly associated my monthly intention with my theme for the year, which if you think about it is bonkers! I’ve said that what I really want to experience for the year is AMAZING – why wouldn’t the things I’m heading towards each month be part of that?!

So that’s my second idea for making the most of your theme this year. Link your intentions or goals to your theme.

For example my January new moon intention was ENERGY… or rather, linked to my theme for 2018, AMAZING ENERGY.

And that has been so much fun to play with, knowing it is totally aligned to what I want to get out of the year as a whole (after I got over the fact I’d set it in dark, damp, cold January!!!) You can read all about my adventures with AMAZING ENERGY here.

Some questions to help pick a mini-theme:

  • What aspect of your theme would you like to explore in more depth?
  • Thinking about your intentions and goals for the year, what could your theme be combined with to move you forward in that?
  • What is that part in your life you always feel it would be good to pay attention to but have never quite go round to?
  • How would you like to feel this month?
  • What would be a fun idea to play with?

If you decide to give a mini-theme a go, whether with the calendar month, lunar month or week-to-week, I’d love to hear all about it. You can post them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #shiftyourexperience (and you can tag me @helenthornber in the posts too).


Idea #4 – March 2018 – Monthly Intention, Reflection & Celebration

This year I really feel like I’m squeezing more out of my theme than ever before… we’re only two and a bit months in and I’m having so much fun with my theme AMAZING and I love what I’m learning, feeling and doing as a result!

One of the things I’ve found helpful is taking some time out to set an intention each month.

What I’m really pants at, and might make even more of a difference, is also taking the time to reflect on what I have achieved. By the time the next month swings around I’m so excited to get into intentions for the next month I move on before I’ve stopped to take it all in.

However in my day job I have to do very quick monthly summary of what I’ve done each month, and without a doubt the 5-10 mins I take to do that always surprises and delights me in how far I’ve come. It makes me feel good, and gets my head in a really good place for the month ahead.

So this month I decided to write my own reflection questions, and combine those with my intention Qs to make a worksheet and share it with you guys!

Download the Monthly Intention & Reflection Worksheet


Idea #5 – April 2018 – APPRECIATION

This month I’ve been re-writing the content for my website, ready for an update in a few weeks, including a mini-book about how to help life feel a bit easier and enjoyable as things are right now.

One of the sections is on APPRECIATION… and it got me thinking about how that plays into our theme for the year.

How we can try and be more aware of the moments that we feel like we are really embracing and living our theme, and really appreciate them.

So that’s my tip for making the most of your theme this month – notice where you are experiencing your theme and take a second (and it can literally be a second!) to appreciate it.

The more you are aware of your theme showing up the more it will feel like you are really experiencing what you wanted to this year!

And to give you a kick-start, because I appreciate you guys so much for being the first to embark on a Unicorn Factory journey, I am sharing a sneaky peek draft section of my mini-book with you here.


Idea #6 – May 2018 – Your Theme & Your Style 

When you think about how your theme relates to your sense of style (whether that be your clothes, your home, your business brand… or something else) what comes up? How do you live your theme through the ways you express yourself in the world? Is there anything you’d like to do differently to embody your theme even more?

The things we wear and see every day can be great reminders of our intentions about how we want to live our life… over the past few weeks having more fun with my style has not only helped me feel more AMAZING but also acts as a constant reminder of my theme in every part of my life.

This idea is one we can have lots of fun with on social media! So tag me @helenthornber & #shiftyourexperience in your insta & twitter tags (or tag The Unicorn Factory page on Facebook) and share how your theme and style reflect each other and/or how your theme has made you see your style in a slightly different way. I can’t wait to hear all about your style moments!


Idea #7 – June 2018 – Time to Reflect 

Regardless of how much time has passed I know it can be disappointing as the year is passing on if it feels like your theme isn’t turning out how you expected. I’m on my fourth theme now, and around the midway point they’ve all been different…

– the first year it felt like it got a bit lost in the whirlwind of life (pregnancy, wedding, house buying…)
– the second I felt like nothing was happening
– the third was turning out to be the polar opposite to how I expected 
– and this year is blowing me away (even though sometimes it’s in a totally understated way)

I wanted to let you know that whatever is coming up – or not – through your theme is totally okay.

It can be useful to take time out at various points (monthly, quarterly etc.) to reflect on what your original intention was behind your theme, and what you’ve experienced and learned through your theme so far. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or take very long, it can be as simple as grabbing a cuppa, a pen & paper and any notes you made when you set your theme, and taking 5-10 minutes to reflect on questions like: 

  • What did I hope my theme would help me to do this year?
  • Where has my theme helped me as I hoped?
  • What have I learned from my theme so far?
  • What is the most surprising thing about my theme so far? What has happened that I didn’t expect?


Idea #8 – July 2018 – Be Decisive 

A couple of months ago someone contacted me to say they hadn’t been setting mini-themes because they weren’t sure what to go with and I though this month it might be useful to talk about how being decisive can really help you get the most out of your theme for the year.

I used to be terrified of making decisions about what to do with my coaching. I was scared I’d get it wrong. Waste time and money heading in the wrong direction. Miss out on better options. And end up somewhere I didn’t want to be.

I now see that being indecisive took huge amounts of time and energy. Thinking and overthinking. Going round in circles. Getting nowhere.

It turned out that being decisive had nothing to do with being right or wrong. And it’s not the same as being rigid. It’s just about moving forward.

These days I make decisions that feel right in the moment. I know I can change them at any time. And I try not to overthink it (my natural tendency is overthinking so this is taking a lot of practice!!!)

Once I’ve made a decision I am no longer spending huge amounts of time and energy going over things in my head. I’m focused on something and taking steps in that direction.

And if something feels off then I stop and reflect. And sometimes I decide to carry on. Others I head off in another direction – but often I find that the time and energy I’ve put into the previous decision has been really useful in helping me do something I want to do, even if it doesn’t look quite how I thought it would.

So if you’re enjoying your mini-themes but getting lost in indecision about what to go with each month, just pick what feels right in the moment. You can change it any time… or you can stick with it for a month and see what happens. After all it’s only a month and who knows where it will take you!


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