Shift Your Experience

Finding peace in challenging times

To get to a place where we feel better in ourselves and our lives we need to start by feeling okay with where we are right now, even if it totally sucks.

Just over a decade ago, in the middle of my worst episode of depression yet, I had the crazy idea that life could be different. After half a lifetime of repeatedly falling into a dark hole and facing the exhaustion of climbing out again (and again and again and again…) I didn’t want to do it anymore and I wanted to find a way out that didn’t involve ending it all.

Over the next ten years I immersed myself in self-development, trying all kinds of different things to help me live a life free of depression and anxiety. And on the other side the biggest surprise, to this day, is that even when I have a wobbly or tough moment in life I’m no longer scared of that darkness coming back. Not even the tiniest bit. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that was possible… and it feels unbelievably amazing!

During those years I became obsessed with learning to coach myself.

Much as I am so appreciative of all the support and advice I’ve come across over the past few years, I often found it hard to use it when I needed it the most. My mental health improved because I worked so hard on it in the good moments, but took so long because I wasn’t in a space to use those tools when things weren’t so great.

Basically I felt like, lovely as these solutions were, they weren’t designed for imperfect flawed humans who despite good intentions can’t always show up for themselves in the way they want to (and that is a whole other story of guilt and shame that needs to be dealt with!)

I had to find a way to apply it all that helped even if I was totally inconsistent with it, and would be easy, accessible and memorable even in the toughest moments.

A couple of years ago I had somewhat of a lightbulb moment that changed everything and has become my favourite mantra to this day –  “It’s okay to feel whatever I am feeling”

Until that point I’d been so scared of slipping back into anxiety and depression, but from there I built a strong foundation that helped me have a sense of peace, even on the days where all I want to do is curl up under my duvet and have a good cry.

And this approach to life has not just freed me from depression and anxiety, it continues to help me navigate overwhelm, guilt, shame, fear, grief, despair, frustration, self-doubt and all those other negative emotions that continue to pop up and threaten to stop me in my tracks sometimes.

From there SHIFT YOUR EXPERIENCE was born and is now evolving into a book and a workshop to help people get to a place where they know they are always okay whatever life throws at them.

I started The Unicorn Factory as a way to make feeling good the new normal, and I believe the route there is by learning to be unapologetically you.

SHIFT YOUR EXPERIENCE is the first step in that process. It forms a strong foundation that helps us feel better in ourselves, and our lives, and be able to stay there. Once we have that it starts to get easier to share who we really are with the world, as well as inspiring and empowering others to do the same.

The SHIFT YOUR EXPERIENCE book & workshops will include…

> Why feeling okay in this moment is one of the best places to start

> How acceptance works

> How being okay with feeling bad is the quickest route to feeling good

> Really practical, simple and quick practices that can help Shift your Experience even in the toughest moments

> Gorgeous goodies that make you smile so can remember to use everything you’ve learned whenever you need it!