The Unicorn Factory exists to help you
BE the person you feel you really are

We live in a world where all kinds of fears can stop us from expressing who we are and stop us living the lives we feel we really want to be living.

Even though as humans our default is to crave love and connection, we live in a culture which isn’t the most accepting at times, so we suppress parts of who we are so that we can fit in and feel safe.

And the crazy thing is that when we hide our true selves – to keep ourselves safe – we actually end up suffering through our mental and physical health, our finances, our relationships and all sorts of other ways.

I believe that if we can get comfortable with being the person on the outside that we already know we are on the inside, not only will our own lives be happier and healthier, but we inspire and empower others to live happier and healthier lives too.

Just think about someone you admire for being unapologetically who they are (Jonathan Van Ness I’m looking at you) and how much that lifts so many other people up too.

I’m with you on this journey…

Hello I’m Helen!

Just over a decade ago, in the middle of my worst episode of depression yet, I had the crazy idea that life could be different. After half a lifetime of repeatedly falling into a dark hole and facing the exhaustion of climbing out again (and again and again and again…) I didn’t want to do it anymore and I wanted to find a way out that didn’t involve ending it all.

Ten years on I’m so grateful for the crazy audacious moment. Not only was that the final episode of depression I experienced, but the biggest surprise of it all has been reaching the point where I have no fear of depression or anxiety at all. It’s not that I’ve developed super human immunity to bad stuff happening, it’s just these days I have a sense that everything is okay, even when I’m having a mini-meltdown or the shit is hitting the fan!

This sense of peace I have is not because my life is perfect…

My life is far from where I’d love it to be. I work four days a week to pay the bills, in between navigating the highs and lows of parenthood and half the time I’m so tired that by the time little one is in bed all I can do is crash! Most of my favourite clothes haven’t fit for the past three years, which really sucks some days. I still have major bouts of self-doubt that take serious time and energy to work through, while distracting me from trying to coax The Unicorn Factory into life. AND I’m also conscious of how close I get to completely neglecting my husband along the way.

And that’s before I’ve even tried to get my head around Brexit, Trump, plastic pollution, social media and everything else that’s making the world such a crazy place right now.

Yes I want things to be different, but these days that comes from a place where I’m already generally happy with life. I appreciate what’s good and I have plenty of fun… I just know if I carry on down this path there is so much potential for it to be even better!

Let’s do this…

My first step is to share with you how to find that sense of peace within yourself and your life in this overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and fear-filled world. As well as sharing posts and some other goodies, I’m currently working on my first book and accompanying workshops called SHIFT YOUR EXPERIENCE

And at the same time I will be exploring the next step into being unapologetically me right alongside you… which I have a feeling is going to include a lot of questions, a good dose of vulnerability and most importantly a ton of fun along the way!

About Helen Thornber

Helen Thornber is a writer, coach and self-development geek who loves helping people to help themselves. Over the past 15 years she has used training, facilitation and coaching to make the impossible possible, create change and shift experiences. Helen is an accredited ILM coach and Mentor Masterclass graduate.